Mixers designed for food use, and in particular for mixing water and flour.


Upper inspection manhole DN 500 mm with grid, safety micron and tie rods suitable for the operating pressure.
N. 1 Safety valve set at 0.4 Bar
N. 1 nozzle DN 25 for pressurizing
N. 1 Vacuum breaker valve
N. 1 DN 50 nozzle on the belly of the tank for CIP recovery
DN 100 air vent valve with net and shower for dust suppression
N. 2 lifting hooks
N. 2 threaded water inlets DIN 11851 – DN 100 for inserting your washing heads
N. 1 Threaded nozzle DIN 11851 – DN 50 for water loading
N. 1 DN 200 flanged nozzle for flour loading
N. 1 Horizontal electric agitator pot. 9.2 kw – 20 rpm
Cooling / heating gap 2000 x 2500 mm placed on the bottom of the tank cylinder and composed of double inflated sheet with forced ways of glycol recirculation, with 30/10 AISI 316L internal sheet and 10/10 external sheet, inlet and rear outlet with 1 ”¼ sleeves. Test pressure 12 bar, operating pressure 3/4 bar
N. 1 Well for 1/2 “temperature probe
Insulation on the lower 2/3 of the bottoms and of the cylinder with mineral wool and coating external in 2 mm thick stainless steel sheet with standard welded, watertight and satin joints
N. 1 DN 150 flanged nozzle for product discharge
N. 4 fixed legs prepared with plates for your load cells

3 new pieces available (never used).

For information:
Dr. Piero Berto
Milk Italy
Via Copernico, 62 I-36034 Malo (VI)
M. +39.335.17.444.87

القطر (مم): 1580
الارتفاع الكلي (مم): 2000
لترات: 2500
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